14 Nisan 2023 Cuma

Girlmerry Shopping Website I really loved it !!!!! :)

Hey my girls oh my godness I really loved this website Girlmerry webiste...When I was looking some gift for my sister I found the shopping site. It is cute and you can find so many things there.First of all you can find so many things for women. You can find tops, outerwear, dresses, bottoms,sexy swimwear, lingerie, bags, shoes and etc...
When I was looking at the dresses I saw this purple dress as you can see below and I loved it. It is casual non-stretch chiffon 3 colors floral batch printing mini dress with belt. It is really cool for summer. It is only is only $7.11.

I just wanted to look at the swim wears and when I was looking at them I saw that website. There are wonderful products there... I couldn't wait to share it with you :) As you see below you can find really good sexy swimwears there. Prices are not so much and that is really wonderful.

I really loved bikinis :) For example I loved this red bikini.
This bikini has dimensional petals decor padded one shoulder.
This wholesale bikini is only $9.21 and it looks so luxury. 
As you can see this part is front
And this part is back  I loved it god !:)When you search the Girlmerry website your as is heaven. I lost myself there. You can see all kind of cheap sexy swimsuits there. 
I wanna show you a tankini set which I really died for that. This tankini set has color block padded hollow plastic ring linked lace-up. This tankini is only $7.02. They ship all over the world. Their handling time is 2-7 business days after the payment has been processed, a tracking number (if applicable) will be provided to you after that. Shipping fees depend on the weight of your items along with the destination. They charge very low shipping fees for our customers to save you even more money. That's incredible :) But come back to that tankini set :) 

I love the colours of that product. Purple and yellow and also I really loved the shape of that. Girls this summer will be really hot :)

And also you can see plus size swimwear in Girlmerry shopping website. For example you can see from the pictures below. 

Conservative plus size leaf print padded drawstring tankini set

This tankini is only $8.18.

You can watch about Girlmerry from the video below

And also you read the  article: This is Girlmerry and learn more about Girlmerry

Girlmerry APP is online, Get 6% OFF on the APP!!!!

I really enjoyed the shopping website and I will shop as soon as possible. You can try too:) I will shop as soon as possible from www.girlmerry.com. You can shop too!


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  2. Everything is so so cute. I am just obsessed with that dress! The gorgeous purple colour is just ideal for this time of year.


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