22 Şubat 2022 Salı

www.feelingirldress.com Shopping Website

When I was looking some product to style my body I found the shopping site. It is cute and you can find so many things there. First of all you can find so many products for make into your body. This web site is www.feelingirldress.com. There are adult costumes, corsets, shapewear, chemises, babydolls, bikini sets, sexy ladies' panties, men panties, sexy garter sets, dresses, sexy stockings, and sexy leather collections there as you can see.

www.feelingirldress.com website started in 2011. The website has adult costumes, corsets, shapewear, chemises, babydolls, bikini sets, sexy ladies' panties, men panties, sexy garter sets, dresses, sexy stockings, and sexy leather collections. The annual output is over 2,000,000 pieces. You can find all kind of products. As you can see on the website there are all kind of shapewear products. For example you can below waist trainer wholesale :)

New Design Waist Trainer Wrap Bandage Belt 2 In 1 Women Tummy Trimmer Shapewear

Waist trainer details

1. Lined with 100% neoprene, it increases thermal activity, burns more calories, and helps you lose moisture from sweating.

2. The outer layer absorbs sweat and keeps you dry outside with 100% polyester.

3. The front and middle durable non-slip zipper and small nine-shaped button design make the product easy to put on and take off.

4. The design of 9 glue bones can prevent edge curling, waist sculpting strongly, back supporting and abdomen controlling.

5. Invisible back rubber strings with eye-and-hook closures, which can be used in combination with the rubber string, or can be used alone.

Rubber string details

6. It can be used with the waist trainer or used alone with the eye-and-hook closure design.

You can see wholesale shapewear below also :)

Rose Red Skin-Friendly Waist Wrap Noeprene Hot Sale Sweat Belt

1.High-quality neoprene fabric: this kind of fabric not only have good elasticity, and will not deform and curl after pulling during activities but also increases body temperature, stimulate sweating, create a hot feeling-like Sauna, which also help reduce fat, detoxify and clean pores.
2.Elastic magic hair: good elasticity, can be stretched and stretched together with the fabric; comfortable to the touch, no damage to the skin, firm sticking.
3.High-quality magic hook: The hook surface is short and does not hurt your hands. It can prevent the hemming from pilling when pasting, and the stick is firm.
4.Winding wear: close-fitting and comfortable, fits the body curve, no size requirements.

I really liked the website (www.feelingirldress.com) which has body shapers, waist trainers, bodysuits, and I will shop as soon as possible. You can try too:) I will shop as soon as possible from www.feelingirldress.com.  You can shop too!
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